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Baggage Fees, WIFI, Seat Selection Fees, Meals, Beverages Are Now Free


Orion Travel Technologies, Inc. has come up with a simple patented travel marketing platform that allows any traveler willing to become an influencer for selected worldwide airlines, resorts, amusement parks, restaurants, and other travel related products such as Luggage. In return, Orion’s influencers will never have to pay for trip associated fees again. A vital feature of this new program is that the Travel industry advertisers pay no advertising, marketing, or promotional costs. Here’s how the Orion Mobile Travel Platform works.

Orion’s Travel Influencers must become a mobile traveling billboard and humbly post their travels on their favorite social media platforms. Any traveler can become an Orion’s Travel Influencer. A few things (a low cost to entry) will be required Orion, and those are to purchase a luggage sleeve with advertising placed on it and a travel pocket blanket with the same advertising at the cost of entry at $29.99, which includes free shipping. Orion’s Influencers will also be required to purchase from participating advertisers, promoters, and sponsors in order to receive across the board free benefits and significant high end discounts not found anywhere else. It merely is an, “I will promote your product around the world to millions of travelers, and you give me free travel benefits” program.


All travel advertising partners, including selected airlines, pay absolutely nothing for advertising, social media, public relations, and promotion of their products while Orion’s influencers travel through noteworthy hub airports, bus stations, train stations, cruise ports, and hotels and resort lobbies around the world.


A simplified but sophisticated mobile app (designed for either Android or Apple) called “ORBTT” will also enhance their travel onboard and off airplanes, as their journeys will be fun filled. Most of all, advertisers will benefit in a way not seen in the travel industry before. A real win-win for the entire travel community worldwide. More of Orion’s travel platforms will be added in the near future to enhance each traveling Influencer. “Look at this way; our travel platform will become the biggest, brightest, and the most fun folks will have in a long time while they travel. While they post on social media, they will have lots of great stories to tell for generations to come. This travel community needs this!” Said Gary German, CEO, and Founder of Orion Travel Industries.

Register Now by purchasing a luggage sleeve and become a Orion's Influencer, getting coupons and freebies along your next trip!