STARQUEST has come up with a simple travel platform that allows travelers to travel with an opportunity to never pay for a travel fee, a sandwich, a beer, a baggage fee, a seat selection fee, a free coffee, a cinnabon, a yogurt or a bottle of water ever again in airports across the United States.

Join Our Army! NO More AIRLINE Fees


That’s One small step for Advertisers--That’s One Giant Leap For Mankind

First travel platform where any advertiser pays nothing for advertising, Travel Influencers pay nothing for travel fees


The word is finally out on the street that the first-ever Earned Media Platform for advertisers is about to hit the friendly sky’s!  This means that all advertisers large and small can participate in the first platform to offer free advertising with no money upfront to participate while STARQUEST brings paying companies to the advertiser's doors with cash while an army of travel influencers travel the world promoting companies through five mobile billboard package of wearables while they travel the globe.  

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